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cheap louis vuitton outlet Of clothing stores is indeed too much. 'To completely change the current garment business mode of operation And channel strategy, Han Yongsheng said, which requires enterprises to make fundamental changes from the model.' Local clothing industry has been rely on the wholesale system model developed by enterprises to recruit agents to promote their own development .ut with the changes in the consumer market in recent years, companies must retail model of SPA transformation. Han Yongsheng said that in SPA mode, companies are required to do weekly product planning According to market demand, more than only 4 times a year to order to push new products, 'the new market environment requires enterprises to enhance the supply chain response Speed, improve the launch speed of new products. In the view of Han Yongsheng, rapid Response to market demand for product production, will help promote the overall transformation of the garment industry chain. 'From my tracking of several SAP transition to louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store Compared to the clothing industry, the real Estate And financial investment in garment enterprises have a strong attraction. 'After all, in previous years, real estate and financial investment in hot market environment, these two types of investment compared to the clothing business to money fast and high return on investment. At the same time, boosting the garment enterprises engaged in other investment also with the then market idle funds related to excess. The influx of hot money in the garment enterprises to bring a large number of short-term investment opportunities at The same time, but also for its future development increased more variables and risks. With the recent introduction of the state property market regulation and control policies and the weak economic development, a lot of real estate investment in garment enterprises caught in the dilemma of funding Among them, Teng Xu Xu Yunxu clothing boss on foot, it was the same as the loss of investment in real estate related. Prior to this louis vuitton purses outlet

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